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Milford Knights Basketball League





1a) 4th Grade divisions will consist of four 6-minute quarters

1b) 5th grade – 8th Grade Divisions will consist of four 7-minute quarters

2) Overtime periods will be two (2) minutes in all divisions.

3) Teams will receive 2 one-minute timeouts per half. Unused timeouts DO NOT carry over to 2nd half. Teams will receive one extra timeout in each OT period.

4) National Federation of High School rules will govern play

5) Teams must play at scheduled starting time if 5 rostered players are on hand.

6) There is a 5 minute leeway in the event a team does not have 5 rostered players at the scheduled starting time. Game will be forfeited if teams do reach minimum level of players.

7) Teams must shoot at the basket opposite their bench in the first half.

8) Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team throughout the tournament

9) Pressing Rule:

A) 3rd/4th grade division – pressing will be allowed only in the final one (1) minute of the game and in overtime provided game is within 10 points. Pressing rule does not apply to leads bigger than 10 points

B) 5th grade division – a ¾ court pressing (foul line) will be allowed, provided lead is within 20 points.

B) 6th grade – 8th grade divisions – Teams winning by 20 or more points may not press at anytime.

10) When a lead exceeds 20 points or more in the 2nd half of any game, the clock will not stop.


Team Eligibility

1. Residency - teams must consist of players who reside in that same town. Exception – multi town programs (Example) Bethany / Woodbridge / Amity will be granted league entry.

2. Open Try-outs - teams must have open try-outs to all eligible residents of the town.  A copy of public notice and tryout sheet must be available upon request.

3. A team may have up to 14 players on a roster. 

4) AAU and Invitation Only teams are prohibited.


Player Eligibility

1. Residency - All players participating in the Milford Knights Travel League must reside in the boundaries of the town represented by that team, or they must be a student in the public school system of that town.

"Cut" player exception: If a player is "cut" from his home town team, that player can play for another neighboring program. The Milford Knights Travel League would need to be notified of any player using this Residency rule exception, and a written excusal of that player will be required from his home town program.

If a player is a resident of a town that does not have a team, the Milford Knights will, upon request, ordinarily permit the player to join a team of a neighboring (contiguous) town with that town program’s approval.

Team Roster forms will contain the players' name, home address, school, birth date, and grade.

2. Grade/Age - A player's division eligibility will be determined first by his or her grade and then by birth date. Proof of age is required with the team roster.

For the 2015-2016 Season

8th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2001

7th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2002

6th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2003

5th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2004

4th grade- born on or after – Sept 1, 2005 (NOTE: 3rd graders are welcome to play)

3. Rostered Players Only - Only players that were included and approved on the team's pre-season League roster can participate in league regular season and tournament games.

4. Double Registration: Players will only be permitted to play on one (1) team per grade / division – however players can be on a roster and be granted to play on another team in the grade / division above, provided the player is included in the team photo and the roster does not exceed 12 players. Example, a 6th grade player can play on a 6th grade team and also be rostered on the 7th grade team.


5. Team Photo Requirement - Each team is required to submit  a digital team photo of their team, with the players' being identified by name in an accompanying caption note. Those names will be matched to the team's League Roster.

The deadline for this submission is prior to the team's first League game (December 6th, 2015). If a team has not submitted this photo prior to their third league game, they will forfeit every League game that is played from that point on until the photo is submitted.

A partial team photo can be submitted, with subsequent individual photos being submitted at a later date for any players missing in the original team photo. However, those missing players will not be allowed to play in a league game until their photos have been submitted

These team photos will be redistributed to the team managers of every opposing team in the Division. The opponents will be encouraged to print those photos and bring them to any league and Milford Knights tournament game.

If there is any dispute as to the legitimacy of a player, i.e., if it is unclear whether that player is in the official team photo, a game ref should be notified who will then address with league officials. A disputed player will be allowed to participate in the game. However, if it is later found that the player was illegal, that league game will be forfeited.  In the event this happens more than once by a team, the team will be disqualified from further league play and ineligible for the league playoffs.